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Out of Office Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

EDIT: Jo's book will now be published on Nov 4th 2021

Let me introduce you to Jo Love. She is a Trainee Psychotherapist, award-winning Mental Health Advocate, Artist and Author of Therapy is… Magic

In this episode we cover:

  • Jo’s squiggly career journey from lawyer to business owner to trainee psychotherapist 
  • Why self-employment isn’t always the key to a healthy relationship with work
  • What therapy really is (and isn’t)
  • Things to consider when you think about getting therapy 

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About Therapy is Magic:

In this part memoir, part mental health resource and how-to guide, Jo Love throws opens the door of her therapist’s office and shines a light on what exactly goes on in the therapy room.

With the help of experts, including her very own therapist, Jo opens a rare window into the real world of therapy, unpicking the magical powers that enabled her to re-find her own voice, restored her resilience through the cloudiest days and ultimately saved her from her own mind.